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'How to Meditate - A Beginner’s Guide to Peace' by Pra Noah Yuttadhammo, a Western Buddhist monk, ordained at Wat Chom Tong, Chiangmai by his preceptor, Ajaan Tong Sirimangalo. 

This video explains what Vipassna is all about in a very simplified manner and serves as a perfect guide for the non-Thai audience who is interested in finding out more about meditation. This video discusses both the meaning of meditation and the foundations of meditation practice. 

To find out more about Venerable Yuttadhammo, please visit his official website. (http://yuttadhammo.sirimangalo.org/video/

Many of his videos on several interesting topics concerning Vippassna can also be found on his blog and Youtube (http://www.youtube.com/yuttadhammo

Ven. Phra Noah Yuttadhammo

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Vipassana discussion

Phra Mitsuo Gavesako

This video features an exclusive interview with Pra Mitsuo Gavesako, a Japanese national and  renowned Buddhist monk in Thailand. Venerable Gavesako was ordained in one of  Thailand’s forest  monasteries, and was taught Vipassana by the Vipassana master, Ajahn Chah.

Venerable Gavesako teaches Vipassana meditation in the Thai language and has published a number of Dhamma books in Thai. His fluency in Thai  is very highly regarded.

In this interview, Venerable  provides  insight  into Buddhism and Vipassana and discusses interesting, profound subjects  using various techniques of Vipassana.

21 short clips on Youtube. 


A dedicated Dhamma channel on Youtube, is offering video clips with Dhamma content in one place. Often the clips are about personal impressions, difficulties, or inspiration of meditators,  and showing different aspects of meditation, teachers,  and teaching systems. Some are stories or differing positions on teachings. In general the tone is quite informal, conversational, and unedited. 

An exceptional collection of Dhamma videos from numerous venerables are available for viewing in both the Thai and English languages. 

Top five reasons why everyone should meditatehttp://www.kanlayanatam.com/vdo/whymeditate.htm

A series of videos discussing the top five benefits to be obtained through the practice of meditation as taught here

You can request a set of DVDs, comprising ‘How to Meditate’ and ‘Top Five Reasons Why Everyone Should Meditate’. Courtesy of Venerable Phra Noah. Simply send a postal mail to 

                        (How to Meditate DVD)
                        100 Prakonchai Road
                        Paknam, Amphoe Mueng
                        Samutrprakan 10270     

   Don’t forget to include an empty envelope (B5 size or bigger), addressing to yourself with a stamp of 6 baht (reserve for address in Thailand only)
How to meditate - A beginner’s guide to peacehttp://www.kanlayanatam.com/vdo/Meditation1b.htm